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Dating and relationships are never easy, especially when your boyfriend wants one thing and you want another.

This is where a lot of women go wrong, though, according to Christian Carter, and they react in a fashion that could be a little more mature and constructive.

June 15, 2018 Whether you’re a Christian or not, I would like to challenge you to consider looking into scripture as a tool for emotional help.

The Bible not only speaks to all kinds of human emotions but can also teach about how to cope with these emotions.

The mature man can express what’s going on in his heart and mind without outbursts or withdrawal.

If you seem to attract emotionally immature guys, pay attention to the signs of a mature man so you can avoid repeating the pattern.

Well, ladies, here is the scoop – you can’t make him commit.

But, and Christian Carter says this all the time – you CAN make your boundaries clear, the consequences clear, stick to your guns and get what YOU want out of your dating life or your relationship. ********* Hi Sarah Thank you for your emails & here is my question.

However, let me give you a little more direction on how to do this in a constructive and mature fashion.

So let’s go over what you are doing: A) You have stopped having sex with him. And I don’t mean that because it hurts him – I mean that because as a strong, confidant woman, you should not be having sex with ANYONE until and unless they agree to a log-term committed relationship with you. B) You have stopped cooking for him and seeing to his other comforts. But, you are doing this for the wrong reasons, or so it seems to me.

Christian Carter’s philosophy on dating and relationships is all about YOU and respecting yourself.

The emotionally mature guy has no problems making decisions about life, relationships and commitments without wavering or stressing out.

He’s clear about wanting to be with you and he’s clear about what he wants with a woman and in a relationship. You’ll rarely see him whine, and he doesn’t blame others when things go wrong. 3) He Has a Higher Purpose You know those guys who are absolutely passionate about their work or their cause?

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