Christian dating from east european

Dear Italian shoes, shirts, trousers, really tight costly jeans - men are dressed to the tune of 0-700 in the streets.

I'm from the Caucasus and what's going on today is what they call it here Regular Thingism.

I feel more English than Estonian, and dont like to be streotyped.i spoke to an eastern european girl today in the supermarket, she was overweight, swearing in broken english and with 3 kids running amok ..... For example some women refuse to cook or clean, yet men still do it.

It's going to those extremes of being offended by and feeling somehow demeaned by the idea of doing anything that used to have (many many years ago) "women's role" written all over it.

They also go for the right sort of men too, they're not looking for the same thing British women want, because they didn't grow up being brainwashed by our society and mostly our TV/media, players just don't stand a chance with these girls....

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