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What are your expectations when you write to someone? I suggest that it would be equally beneficial if some thought were to what your expectations are when you write the email?

I do know that there is a lot at play when one joins an online dating service including lots of hope and yes – expectation. When you walk into a grocery store, do you expect everyone you see to greet you or respond to you?

If you are not interested in pursuing a friendship with them, develop a thoughtful and warm response, thanking the person for their email.

(Note that I did not say relationship because I do not believe anyone knows enough about another at this stage to think it could be a relationship! ) that you are not being prompted to do more than acknowledge their email and that you are praying that God will guide and provide for them.

Respond to all emails sent to you Please make every effort possible to respond to every email that you receive.

May God guide you in your interactions with His children. Jim 1John – And this commandment have we from him, that he who loves God loves his brother also.We are Brothers and Sisters in Christ and can share care for another family member.Put expectations on God I know that it will be difficult, but instead of placing your expectations on the person you are sending the email to, put your expectations on God! If you do not receive a response from the other person, then consider it a response from God not only in what is best for you, but perhaps saving you from more pain.Our chat room for single Chriatians and social friends or any Christians for that matter - is our pride and joy!Yep, we think it's the best fun chat meeting place on the web!!Sign up - it only takes a few seconds and is completely anonymous and monitored by our members.Your details are never visible to other 101 members or made available to any other companies or organisations GUARANTEED!If you're looking for a cool Christian singles chat room to debate, talk about the latest issues...and have fun with with 100's single Christians online, well you're at the right place. You have gotten up your courage to finally reach out to make friends. Okay – so I was single once and used the Internet to meet others.With excitement, you view the numerous people that you see on the Cafe and find several whom you feel an attraction to for one reason or another. I also receive a LOT of emails from singles with words similar to the above scenario. Responding is common courtesy Yes, it would be common courtesy if others would at least acknowledge the emails that they receive.

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