Cm punk dating kelly kelly

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Of course , Knox ( last name of Kelly's boyfriend at the time ) was tired of it and kept on and on telling cm punk to stay away from his girl .Over the past few decades, WWE has allowed many couples to work together on WWE TV because real couples have much more chemistry than the ones that the company put together themselves.Even though there are more couples in WWE right now than ever before and this number continues to grow, there are also a number of on-screen couples that didn't decide to take their storyline relationship into the real world.But the former four-time Women's Champion decided to retire from the wrestling business just a year later at Survivor Series 2006.Bayley and Finn Balor were NXT Women's Champion and NXT Champion at the same time a few years ago and their chemistry helped them to push NXT forward into the phenomenon that it is seen as today.This marriage later ended in divorce, but Tajiri had left the company at this point and Wilson then went on to date Nick Mitchell from The Spirit Squad and Alex Rodriguez.When Lita joined Team Xtreme in the early 2000s, she struck up a friendship which later turned into a relationship with Matt Hardy.One of the most memorable intergender matches of all time saw Lita and Stratus take on Jericho and Christian in a losing effort after the two women realized that the men were only dating them because they had bet on who could progress their relationship first.Of course, Stratus and her husband Ron Fisico have been in a relationship since high school and married in 2006 after 14 years together.Sometimes it's hard to tell which wrestlers were or weren't in a relationship since many of these stars were very good actors when they needed to be.Trish Stratus had a number of on-screen romances throughout her six-year career, including storylines with The Rock and Chris Jericho.

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