Company of heroes opposing fronts validating media problem

As is with all FAi RLi GHT releases this comes fully cracked and you don’t need to disconnect from the Internet to get it to play.

More info about the game in can be found in my previous post, here.

there's approximately 500000000000 patches for the game. iirc you can either play SP/MP connect 'online' without the disc in the drive, or play it in 'offline' mode with the DVD in. it's much more complicated in terms of patching and online connectivity than 99% of the games out there! It still has to validate media however, but it only requires two large updates if you are connected to the internet. The big plus is you don't need a disc in the drive, so I don't have to keep swapping with Rainbow Six.

So im gusessing you have to download the patches to play. But yea i think, not sure, you have to download the patches to play singleplayer.

The publishers have stringently protected this game series via CD key verification as well as usable media verification system in order to ensure that ONLY legitimate owners can get access to the purchased retail CD/DVD.

However, the publishers simply left out of consideration the legitimate owners of retail CD/DVD who wanted to backup their game in image formats (. FLT, etc.) or who, in severe circumstances, lost the source media of game (CD/DVD), they won't ever be able to successfully install/run their game again for which they have really dearly paid.

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I have had this game for many years and just upgraded to a new computer, when I load the company of hero's game no problem playing, When I loaded the tales of valor dvd I can only play the game after I insert the DVD I don't have a DVD player so I have to plug in the external one, never had to install the disk before.

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