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Hi Morris, Here is a fragment of the serial number table/list: 500001 1955 571850 1956 652002 1957 718626 1958 779657 1959 This should be read as: Instruments with serials between 571850 (included) and 652002 (not included) were produced in 1956.Regards, Christine Just out of curiosity, unless revealing it would disclose ultra-sensitive trade secrets where if you told me then you'd have to kill me, where did you get the serial number list and other such great info for your site?Regards, Christine_________________There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.If it is really old, it is an early Pan American (and will have that engraved on the bell). Regards, Christine_________________There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.Born into poverty in Chattanooga, TN, Bessie Smith began singing for money on street corners and eventually rose to become the largest-selling recording artist of her day.So mesmerizing was her vocal style - reinforced by her underrated acting and comedic skills - that near-riots frequently erupted when she appeared.

Freeman is the keynote speaker at many Black History presentations and cross-cultural competency training events around the world.

And without the weight of history of such imagery crushing down upon it, it would've been no worse (but also no more clever) than when white performers did such acts.

The music at least is good, and the later Mills Brothers soundies to come would forgo storytelling in favor of recording the performance." (review by Paghat)Her voice was remarkable, filling the largest hall without amplification and reaching out to each listener in beautiful, earthy tones.

In this situation a model could have been made on December 31, 1956 but have a serial dating 1957 if it was serial'ed on 2 January 1957.

Or, perhaps a block of serial numbers was reserved for a particular model and as they came off the line one serial number in that block was scratched off the list and applied to the instrument.

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