Consolidating schools in pa

Approval of Contracts and Changes after Vote for Annexation. Tax Levy or Debt for Buildings or Grounds Pending Change of Boundaries, etc. Small District Assistance after Combination of School Districts. Demanding, etc., Gratuities from Teachers or Supervisors; Withholding State Appropriation. ORGANIZATION MEETINGS AND OFFICERS OF BOARDS OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS. Establishment and Maintenance of Consolidated Schools. Special School Watchmen-School Districts in Townships of the Second Class. Duties of Public School Building Construction and Reconstruction Advisory Committee. Moratorium on Certain Data Collection Systems and Data Sets.

Payments of Salaries of Professional Employes Granted Leaves of Absence as Exchange Teachers Authorized; Rights Preserved. Payments of Contributions to the School Employes' Retirement Fund on Account of School Employes on Approved Leaves of Absence for Professional Study Authorized; Service Credits. AN ACT Relating to the public school system, including certain provisions applicable as well to private and parochial schools; amending, revising, consolidating and changing the laws relating thereto. Publication of Notices, etc.; Proofs of Publication. Merged Districts; Assets and Liabilities (Repealed). Standards for Organization of Administrative Units (Repealed). Property Acquired by State for Water Conservation or Flood Prevention. Affidavit of Uncollectability of Taxes on Real Property. Budgeted Funds not to be Used for Other Purposes or Exceeded. (h) Reorganization of School Districts (Repealed) Section 281. Department of Public Instruction to Prepare Plans (Repealed). Establishment of Reorganized School Districts (Repealed). Approval of Fourth Class Districts; Adjustment of Indebtedness; Costs (Repealed). Establishment of Independent Districts for Transfer of Territory to Another School District. Liabilities and Property of Component Districts (Repealed). Validation of Certain Union School Districts (Repealed).

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