Couchsurfing not dating site

Follow Gloria as she brings the world of travel to you.

Couch Surfing is a hospitality and social networking service accessible via a website and mobile app.

) I have a secret word hidden on my profile just to see if the person sending me the couch request have read my whole profile, and 1/10 add it to their message.

It seems that the main aim was lost somewhere with the migration of the site and some people think if you are in the community you are willing to hook up in the very first night with anybody and/or to host someone just because he tells you he/she is arriving next day to your city and it will be so great for you to host them just because they are so awesome.

Especially when going to the Meetings seems to be something very common now that most of the people are going with the idea of hooking up.

Nowadays when I have opened my couch again it’s very sad that most of the times I receive a message requesting for my couch (that happen to be now a private room, so work to get it!

I have found some of my best friends until today through this two hospitality exchange communities.

I have found even my roomies and former boyfriend through it and almost all the people I have met were really good encounters.

Was the first time I could openly share with someone my passion to travel the world and was not seen as a crazy as I was normally looked by my friends from neighborhood or school.

Meeting other passionate travelers was a blessing for me in that times and I found very encouraging meeting people following their passion and traveling overseas without knowing the local language, having a proper job or having someone to travel the world with them.

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