Cystic fibrosis dating other people with cystic fibrosis

For outpatient situations: - CF patients attending an appointment should be brought to an exam room immediately following check-in.- Schedule and manage patients to minimize time in a common waiting area.It's extremely difficult spending your entire life suffering from a chronic inherited disease.Like Julia said, you're always referred to as the "patient," spending a greater part of your life in waiting rooms and hospitals, constantly having blood drawn and being asked how you're feeling.CF patients may also require surgery at one point to remove an intestinal blockage.Now, what's this scary business about "cross-infection"? CF patients carry and attract different forms of bacteria that love to hang out and fester in their lungs that non-CF patients do not carry.

Quite uncomfortable, patients find that sitting down or lying on one's stomach with the head down may aid the process.

For hospitalized patients: - CF patients should be assigned to a private room with a sign on the door that says "Infection Precautions." - CF patients may only visit public areas in a hospital (such as the cafeteria) if their doctor approves it.

- CF patients should be educated in frequent hand washing using sinks in their own rooms.

Some patients believe the shared experiences of love, compassion, and camaraderie among each other can be just as healing.

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