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Something went wrong..." To use the Outlook add-in, you must sign in to Teams using multi-factor authentication (MFA).If MFA fails halfway through the sign-in process, you'll still be able to sign into Teams, but you'll get an error message when you try to use the add-in.Meetings scheduled within Microsoft Teams will initiate directly within the product. The Meetings icon on the app bar is currently only enabled for users whose mailbox is on Office 365 multi-tenant and a select few dedicated users whose mailbox location can -premises and Exchange Dedicated.This is under investigation; however, there is no timing for delivering this capability.The add-in is only available for Windows users for the time being.

As far as drinking etiquette is concerned, most singles (92%) have no problem if their date is already sipping a drink when they arrive, although 6% would tease them about it, and 2% would judge them for getting a head start.We are working with partners to enable these scenarios; so far we have enabled Planner, One Note, and Stream. When you add/remove a member through the Teams user interface, the flow knows exactly which user initiated the change, and the Audit log reflects the correct info.That’s probably because getting drinks is a first date go-to, according to almost three in four singles in the survey, as 46% of them said it’s “easy and less formal” than something like dinner, and 27% think connecting over cocktails is “a good way to let your guard down and have a conversation.”In fact, when Zoosk analyzed 133,175 messages exchanged between its subscribers, it found that even just mentioning “sparkling wine” in a dating message spikes your response rate by 29%, followed by “Long Island iced tea” at 15%.When the "Assignments" app is disabled in the admin center, it remains visible within the Teams client for EDU-licensed users.Selecting it when disabled will return an error indicating, "Doh!Teams users cannot send 1:1 chats to non-Teams users using Skype for Business on-premises.Customers in EU and APAC experience a replication delay between Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory.If a user has two different Teams accounts and has a machine with domain-joined enabled, Teams will use the domain-joined profile on the machine to automatically log the user into Teams.To switch to the other Teams account, the user must manually log out of the app and enter credentials to the second account to log in.To see affected tabs you must use Teams in Edge, IE, or Chrome with the Windows 10 Accounts extension installed.Some tabs still depend on web authentication, which doesn't work in the Desktop Client when CA is enabled.

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