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In the project name field, type the name of your project. Once you create project successfully, find APIs tab in the sidebar. Find the Google API service and set its status to Enable. A dialog box will appear to choose application type. It’s also possible to include additional features like creating playlist, receiving subscription notifications, etc to implement in PHP website.

In project ID field, the console will provide a project ID. Also find the Youtube Data API service and set its status to Enable. Select Web Application and click on Configure consent screen button. In the Authorized Javascript origins field, enter your app origin to allow it to run on protocols, subdomains, and domains. However, if you’re not a technical person, then it’s better that you hire PHP developer to implement Youtube API feature in your website.

Auto-suggest address: Auto-suggestion and Auto-complete address fields while typing location info lets you consume time taken in filling up user location in post advert form.

Create and apply your own language with multilingual experience within mins in Jom Classifieds.Youtube is one of the most popular video-sharing site and everybody knows it.But what if you can upload video in PHP directly from your site?Renewal: It's not just charging by plans but also charges to make the plans to remain active, so renewal of plans plays a major role.Charge by allowing users to upgrade to premium plans for renewal or after plan expired.With Falang extension multiple languages with flag switcher can be enabled. We are very well known in PHP, My Sqli, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, and Mobile application development(Hybrid with IONIC framework 3 and Angular 2-4.).Using Falang every part of the site can be translated by the site administrator manually. In order to develop this demo, we’ll need following.Go to Google developers console – Create a new project by clicking on Create Project button.Thanks to Google for sharing their Geolocation API so with the use of Google Map API key this feature can be unlocked.Jom Classifieds offers you to create unlimited varieties of custom fields so that can easily get adapted to any kind of business.

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