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Dating a divorced man is not like dating a man who has never been married before.Many women knowingly date these men and then get upset when he does not have the money or the time to spend on them.They had a child, and another on the way, so although there was an instant attraction he was off-limits.In the past, I’d always swiped left on a man with an ex-wife or kids.Also be aware that you will have a whole new set of issues with step children.There is nothing wrong with dating a divorced man and you can have a wonderful relationship, if you go into it with your eye wide open and know what to expect.If you are dating a divorced man with children, you need to fully understand what you are getting yourself into.

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If you are not willing to accept the baggage that comes with dating a divorced man you should date someone who has never been married.

But, you may have to cope with many challenges than dating a single man.

The challegenes could derive from his children, his ex wife, his family and even his lifestyle of a divorced man with kids.

After 30, most people come with some sort of baggage. The fact that Dan was going through complicated divorce proceedings when we met again through work last year made me very reluctant to get involved.

His mind was often preoccupied with the stress of the divorce, as well as the pain he felt at only seeing his children every other weekend. He’s more emotionally mature than the other men I’d dated and we fell in love.

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