Dating a dj

Actually, any trip with me as co-pilot leads to an adventure, but that’s beside the point.

The night before a big gig, it is a good idea to check equipment and test out the playlist. Whether it is taking a road trip to the gig, or a road trip to Guitar Center to get more lights, it is always an adventure.

For the past few years, my boyfriend has been the DJ of many events, and I have been lucky enough to tag along for most of them.

Of course, I have learned a lot about equipment and music, so I am actually somewhat useful, and the paychecks are nothing to complain about, but there are many other perks to dating a DJ.

At all of the high school dances, it is so awesome to see people have fun and get really excited when a favorite song comes on.

At weddings, it is so heartwarming to be a part of someone’s special day and watch all of the love in the room.

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