Dating a fob

If payment for the goods is not a concern, a remaining risk for the FOB seller is loss of, or damage to, the goods before risk transfers to the buyer, even if this does not mean the seller is without recourse.

Depending on the relevant law applicable, the seller ought to have a claim against a negligent stevedore or shipowner that can be enforced by the arrest of the ship.

Often FOB sellers would instruct their clearing and forwarding agents to issue a bill naming the FOB sellers as shippers.

The “merchant” often must give express contractual indemnities for loss and damage caused by dangerous goods, notwithstanding that (in the receiver’s case) it will not have been responsible for the packing and declaration of the goods.

The shipper carries the heaviest exposure, with additional common law liabilities, but an express contractual indemnity operates regardless of whether the person indemnifying is at fault.

This is more easily said than done, but being the holder of a bill certainly gives a seller useful leverage.

Where the shipper has, to the extent possible, secured payment (by letter of credit or otherwise), there may be little need for the seller to be named as shipper.

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