Dating a military man quotes Panthyose cams

Husband's get deployed and a day later the wife's bring home their bf's into BASE housing.

I haven't seen it myself but I heard it from guards working on the gates.

We were unable to verify where the quote originated or with who, but it did not originate with Mattis.

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He insists on occupying the spot that allows him to survey who is coming and going into the restaurant or bar or whatever establishment we might be visiting.Base counselors are usually biased and just tell you that YOU have to adjust, not him. Do they take their status and use it to their advantage to cheat on their wives? I had to read this post three times and I still don't understand it.I filtered out the confusing statements and am just answering the questions. Status (military or anything else) can help men find additional partners. To bash military wife's also: I know of deployment parties..spouses CELEBRATING that the husband's go away...(after they said their tearful goodbye's to hubby, they meet up and go crazy).When someone claims the only people who join the military are people who are not smart enough to attend a university, I bite my tongue and squeeze my fists and think of all the fascinating, intellectual and educational conversations my partner and I have shared, all because he has seen the world and I have simply studied it.I’ve learned that when my partner grows quiet and reserved and spends time on the phone, shaking his head and sighing, it’s because another former shipmate has died – due to drugs or alcohol or suicide – all because our government and our society and the very people who like to publicly celebrate the military a few days out of the year, neglect them.I’ve learned that while I am his best friend and the mother of his child and his forever partner, there is a closeness only he and his brothers in arms will share.I cannot compete or even come close to their kind of love, respect, and commitment, mostly because I have not earned it.I’ve learned that certain social situations will make him uncomfortable and nervous, although he will never show it.Large crowds make him anxious, especially if our son and myself are with him.I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with devastatingly long deployments at sea or constant relocation so his military service wasn’t a potential hinderance, but a celebrated past accomplishment.I didn’t foresee his time in uniform as a consistently working cog in our future relationship but, then again, I had never dated a veteran before.

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