Dating a ukrainian guy

I prefer to use my own translator (she’s a friend) but I deferred so we could just move on to meeting the ladies.

The first lady was a doctor, Eugenia was sweet, cool, from a good family, and really liked me. She was super hot, funny, spoke fluent English, and liked me a lot.

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David and Victoria I wanted a real relationship based on love and respect, and I wasn’t finding it.

I looked at women my age and cringed; they were all bitter, angry, or obese.

Like many of us, I went onto a dating site and had pretty bad luck.

Every man I have ever met has at one time or another decided they wanted a change in their life. American women still have the fantasy of Prince Charming and unreasonable expectations.

Of course, as men we have some expectations of our own. It’s part of our biology as humans to spread our seed with women we see as worthy.

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