Dating beta male

To these self-centered bitter little men bouncing around in their baby bubbles, it’s not really about empathizing with women at all, because they obviously don’t understand how women operate; it’s about with women.It is in this sense that male feminists are more misogynistic than, well, you know, the misogynists.The white knight gallops in quickly and wants you to look at his shiny white horse, because if you took a long hard look at him, you’d never agree to get on that horse and go galloping into the sunset with him.

Male feminists thus deserve all the shaming they already give themselves, and more.

Failing desperately in the categories of natural charm and sex appeal, male feminists seek to gain access to women’s bodies via deception.

Male feminists are therefore, by my own tortured logic, the biggest enemy that modern women currently face.

This “movement” must be struck harshly at the root and pulled violently from the ground, never to lay seed again.

Statistically, about 10% of men in the world would be considered an ‘alpha male’. He runs his own business, his family, and his life.

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