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Even in the tiniest of towns, there will always be one or more traditional Korean restaurants to satisfy an expat’s appetite for authentic dishes.The fierce competition also means lower prices and a quality Korean meal is always affordable.The standard corporate atmosphere can be highly social, with employees often going drinking and dining after work.Koreans will often make last-minute adjustments and expats will need a certain degree of flexibility to accommodate to this.Expect unplanned meetings, projects and cancellations as well as obligatory social gatherings after work, which are only announced shortly before the day's end.Groceries, utilities, public transport and even alcohol are all reasonably priced compared to the prices in most Western countries.Expats should anticipate being stared at while in public.

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Despite this, rentals, especially in Seoul, will cost a lot for a space much smaller than expats may be used to.There are very low crime rates throughout South Korea.While expats still need to use common sense, crime won't be a serious concern for them.South Korea has a notably high suicide rate, partially as a result of the very stressful atmosphere surrounding education.Students account for many of these suicides as they are constantly pressured to perform better and study longer, in order to get into a good university.Unless an expat is living in a very urban area, it’s difficult to find food that isn’t Korean or Asian-inspired.More exotic, foreign cuisine options are hard to come by outside the city, and oftentimes of disappointing quality.In Seoul especially, there are many expat meet-ups and parties with the aim of bringing foreigners together.In smaller cities, the groups may meet up regularly and are generally very welcoming of newcomers.In addition, deposits are typically much steeper than in other countries.Many apartments and homes have done away with traditional lock and keys, moving towards an electronic lock that requires either a magnetic door key and/or a keypad combo.

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