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He is also an American and is of Cree, Comanche, and Yaqui Native American descent.Though Rudy is known for having romantic love affairs in several movie roles, he doesn't have any girlfriend in his real life.In 2005 Youngblood made his film debut in Spirit: The Seventh Fire.In that film he appeared as Jaguar Paw, the Mayan who escaped from slavery and ran through the jungle to save his wife and child.I have borne these latter students in mind, and one important consequence is that, while the book draws on the research literature, I have tried as far as possible to avoid the specialized language of professional political science.

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Youngblood is in Belize working on a project for television.

86 The United States: small business in a benign environment?

Political innovation and political weakness in the small-business sector 95 104 6 Business Politics and Party Politics 106 Business, parties, and democracy 106 Business and party politics in the United Kingdom: the rise of a business-friendly party system 108 The United States: regulating the party–business connection 117 The travails of business-friendly parties 127 7 Business, Politics, and Society 129 Understanding the cultural setting of business 129 The United Kingdom: the transformation of a hegemonic order 132 The United States: between Gramsci and Schumpeter 140 From hegemony to pluralism 149 8 Restless Democracy and Restless Capitalism 151 Economic change and the politics of business representation 151 Restless democracy and business politics 153 Restless capitalism and business politics 159 Business, democracy, and legitimacy 164 Business power and the Anglo-American model of capitalism 169 BIBLIOGRAPHY 173 INDEX 191 LIST OF BOXES 2.1 Politics and market building: the case of the EU 19 2.2 The changing history of the developmental state and big business: the case of South Korea 27 2.3 An industrial statesman and politics: Henry Ford and ‘Fordism’ 36 3.1 The evolution of business lobbying in the EU 41 3.2 How the French business elite organizes itself politically 49 3.3 The Transatlantic Business Dialogue at work: the EU–US summit of June 2008 58 4.1 The European Round Table of Industrialists: a voice of the European business elite 62 4.2 Big business and politics in Russia 69 4.3 An American multinational enters UK supermarket politics: the case of Wal-Mart 76 5.1 What does business do when it lobbies?

My aim is to synthesize as clearly and economically as possible what we know on the subject.

I have chosen to frame the material comparatively for very well-established reasons.

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