Dating dog lovers

Dig will give you dog-friendly locations for dates or meet-ups and even lets you narrow down your ideal match by their dog’s size to make sure they’re a good fit for your own pet. Give it a try and see if you can find the perfect partner — for both you and your dog. If you and another person both show interest in each other, you can start a conversation, plan a date or schedule a dog park meet-up.Tindog offers options to search just for dogs (to find a friend for yours) or just for people (who happen to love dogs). In other words, people won’t likely just be looking to hook their dog up with a new friend.Because let’s be honest — aren’t dog lovers just automatically good people?If you’re on the verge of throwing in the towel when it comes to online dating, give it one more shot.With that stated, it’s assumed (and mandatory) that you’re going to be alright cuddling with both us and our dog.If it’s any consolation, we’re quite proficient at (and generous with) head scratches.Not to mention, many dog people (myself included) find dogs cuter than babies.While our voices may reach unimaginable octaves that could shatter glass and we express words that haven’t yet been invented, as long as that little dog’s tail is wagging, that’s all that matters.

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If you’re not a dog person yourself, you may never understand the affection we share with our four-legged kin, nor do we expect you to.Dogs are known to be the most loyal of pet companions and this same sentiment can be shared for dog owners.By choosing to purchase a dog, we’ve chosen to take care of something that requires much more tender loving care than that of a hamster or guinea pig. Needless to say, you can expect the same for yourself.To a dog person, there isn’t much difference between a human family member and a furry one.Personally, I call my dog my “little brother”, and if anybody suggests otherwise, they best step back. A general rule of thumb when dating a dog person is to never say our beloved is “just a dog” – this isn’t appropriate in any context. Dogs occasionally lick their butts and eat grass, you say? Drool, like the fur that’s almost always present on our jet-black clothes, is just another knowing trait of owning a dog, and we wouldn’t trade these minor inconveniences for the world. Our voices practically change themselves when interacting with something so cute.The amount of failed dates you’ve been on adds up to a number that makes you cringe.As much as you might feel like giving up on the whole online dating thing, think about it from a different perspective: Maybe it’s not the people you’re meeting who aren’t the right fit. Sure, there are plenty of singles on the above-mentioned dating sites.They may say dogs are man's best friend, but the truth of the matter is, gender doesn’t register to a pet; nor does your appearance, your past, or that passive aggressive status you just posted on Facebook suggesting your best friend slept with your partner.The best thing about being a dog lover is that the canine companion in your life will love you unconditionally, no matter what.And for that rare quality, this affection is reciprocated tenfold.Much like the expression of true love, a dog person’s adoration for their pooch cannot be accurately scribed, and that’s either because it’s to embarrassing to describe, or it’s too genuine to be put into a phrase.

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