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This four-day workshop introduces you to the many materials and techniques of hand-coloring, inspiring you to experiment with your own creative process.You start with a digitally output print and then apply a variety of oil paints, pigments, pencils, and inks or pastels in combination, to extend the photographic image and produce the effects you want.

Between the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1853 and the Meiji restoration in 1868, Japanese society changed rapidly due to the sudden forced influx of foreign capital and influence, much of it destructive. As if all this were not curse enough, the foreigners also brought cholera with them.” They also brought photography, and both Western and Japanese photographers documented not only the country’s profound transformation, but also its traditional dress and culture.

Keenly aware of his audience’s nostalgic proclivities, Shin’ichi would go on to produce similar photos to sell as tourist souvenirs in Yokohama, again emphasizing the idealized Japanese existence which was quickly fading from everyday life.

By the time of the photographer’s death in 1918, Japan had undergone momentous shifts in its society and politics.

Applied Color (Printed) Applied color may also be produced photomechanically using multiple printing plates with hand drawn masks.

With this system a new printing plate is used for every additional color.

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