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Doors may have an aesthetic purpose in creating an impression of what lies beyond; for example, keeping administrative and factory areas of a building separate.In less formal settings, doors may also be seen as a sign of the desire for privacy.A door is a moving mechanism used to block off and allow access to, an entrance to or within an enclosed space, such as a building, room or vehicle.Doors normally consist of one or two solid panels, with or without windows, that swing using hinges horizontally.

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Besides olive wood, elm, cedar, oak and cypress were used. These doors or gates were hung in two leaves, each about 8 ft 4 in (2.54 m) wide and 27 ft (8.2 m).These hinges are attached to the door's edge but there are also doors that slide, fold or spin.The main purpose of a door is to control physical access.When closed, a door normally impedes the transfer of air from one side to the other.Similar structures that do allow air to be transferred through some form of a grillwork are called gates.In Egypt, where the climate is intensely dry, there would be no fear of their warping, but in other countries it would be necessary to frame them, which according to Vitruvius (iv.6.) was done with stiles (sea/si) and rails (see: Frame and panel): the spaces enclosed being filled with panels (tympana) let into grooves made in the stiles and rails.In Eumachia, is a painting of a door with three leaves.In the tomb of Theron at Agrigentum there is a single four-panel door carved in stone.Doors are often symbolically endowed with ritualistic purposes.For example, being granted access to a door, including the guarding or receiving of the key to that door, may have special significance.

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