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The porcelain collection includes for example the “Gödöllo” dinner service, a design which Franz Joseph I of Austria once presented to his wife "Sissi".Prominent customers of the manufactory based near Lake Baleton range from personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Japanese Emperor Akihito.

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It is entirely produced by hand and each piece is lovingly painted by the Herend porcelain artists. Shortly afterwards, the Austrian, Hungarian and Russian monarchs were regular customers of the manufactory.

Includes: shell form dish and triangular serving dish. Shell dish measures 3-1/4' H x 9" L x 8-1/2" W, triangular dish measures 2" H x 10" W x 9-1/2' L.

Shipping .00 (estimate -0) More details A Herend porcelain eight piece dinner tea and coffee service decorated in the green ' Grape and leaf vine' pattern comprising; two handled oval tureen and cover (40cm across the handles), two handled circular tureen and cover, two graduated oval platters (41cm wide), circular dish (25cm diameter), triangular dish, two sauce boats, two stands, eight dinner plates (25.5cm diameter), sixteen smaller plates (22.5cm diameter), eight soup dishes (24.5cm diameter), eight crescent dishes, tea pot and cover (14cm high), small coffee pot saucier and cover, two jugs, eight teacups, eight saucers, eight coffee cups, eight saucers, eight side plates, oval tray (40cm wide), two handled serving tray (43.5cm wide), two small cups and saucers, butter dish and cover (and one further cover), twin division salt, leaf shaped dish and an octagonal bowl.

(qty) More details A Herend porcelain part dinner and tea service decorated in the ' Fruits and Flowers' pattern, comprising; eleven large dinner plates (27.5cm diameter), three smaller plates (25.5cm diameter), eleven further dinner plates (23.5cm diameter), two small bowls, a jug, coffee pot and cover (21cm high), milk jug, sugar bowl, eleven coffee cups, ten side plates and two small leaf shaped dishes.

More details A Herend porcelain cobra, Imari decorated gilt and red; and two Herend porcelain owls, each Imari decorated, modelled on a tree stump, five Herend matching coffee cups and one similar, (9).

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