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In the second half of the 15th C Matthias Corvinus extended the Royal Palace and Buda, together with Visegrád, became a center of Renaissance culture.In 1526, after their victory at Mohács, the Turks took Buda and Pest.In the history of Budapest the year 1872 stands out as a milestone, for it was then that the three separate settlements of Pest, Buda and Óbuda (literally "Old" Buda) were united into one city with a population of more than 150,000.Budapest officially became the capital city of Hungary, and underwent rapid growth in size and eminence.

The left bank of the Danube soon became the intellectual and political center of the country.As a result of the war Budapest suffered severe economic setbacks which continued in the years between the wars.Towards the end of the Second World War, in the autumn of 1944, Budapest became a front-line town and suffered severe damage, especially in the castle quarter where units of the German army were barricaded in.A decisive factor in the town's development was the building of a Roman fort in what is now Óbuda. the Huns swept across the country, and King Attila set up a great new kingdom in what is now Hungary.The Roman base of Aquincum, separated into civilian and military districts, was the capital of the province ofz Pannonia and flourished during the second half of the 2nd C BC. From the 6th to the 9th C the Avars settled where Budapest now stands.Traces have been found of settlements dating back as far as the Old Stone Age.People lived on both sides of the Danube, where Budapest now stands, in the second millennium BC Bronze Age urn sites have also been uncovered. BC Scythians from the Black Sea region settled here, and there are signs of Celto-Illyrian tribes having been here in the 4th/3rd C BC.The Continent's first underground railway was built here.From here originated more pioneering Hollywood film makers than from any other European city.Have you heard the entire world talking about Hungarian brides?Not only are they beautiful, but they are smart and sophisticated as well.

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