Dating in courtney

Ahran Cho told Joe Bastianich that she thinks the judges are favoring Courtney. The several remaining were given a second chance to receive an apron and most of them did. Courtney won a challenge and got the advantage to chose the elimination round's dish.

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The contestants had to work in pairs picked by Courtney because she did the best in the last challenge.

The first person Courtney chose was Christian and paire him up with Francis B, another front runner, because Courtney believed that if you pair up two egos together, their personalities will clash and get away from the cooking. While the production crew lists Courtney as an "Aerial Dancer", which was her latest job title at a burlesque club.

Christian thanked Courtney because Francis is a good cook. Years earlier she was one of the main attractions at Philly's largest strip club.

Their dish wasn't great and both of them had to face a pressure test with Dan Wu and Cutter Brewer who have also failed the challenge. She actually won "Delilah's Entertainer of the Year" for two years, 20 the photos section.

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