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At the end of the semester, he pretty much takes 100% care of me (laundry and cooking) for the last two weeks.I make sure to keep him plugged into my emotional life.The EIC's bf (husband now) was also cool with it fortunately.Hung out with her a few times after law school once or twice (once all 4 of us), and then never.If you’re going out every night drinking with your law school buddies that might be a different story, but if you’re a reasonable person with a reasonable partner then it’s not a big deal.It’s actually nice to have someone outside of the law school to complain to about how shitty some of your classmates are.

You started out together, without the expectation that he or she would go to law school.

I'm personally avoiding dating anyone in my class because, as stated before, you don't shit where you eat. In law school now with classmates that date each other. If you somehow make it through and get married (not likely and everyone knows when it doesn't work out) the divorce is messsssssyyyyyy. I was engaged to my husband when I got to law school and we got married during law school.

I honestly don’t think it was any harder to be in a relationship in law school than it was in undergrad.

I called the EIC my "journal wife" because of how often we saw each other and worked together; and she referred to me as her "journal husband".

My gf at the time (wife now) was cool with it fortunately.

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