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But changing how you speak isn't always enough to get around racism.— especially when it comes to Betty’s traumatic arc — “Shadow Of A Doubt” is sprinkled with some little fun (and gay) gems, like when Veronica says, without hesitating for even a moment, that her favorite boxer is “Michelle Rodriguez in ” and Joaquin returns to reveal he’s living in San Junipero.Last night there was a brief flicker of hope when maybe the Dr's luck would change - but alas it was not meant to be.Eyal mugged him off by laying it on thick with Megan when the doctor wanted to take things slow.The contestants got to choose who would benefit from a romantic evening in the hideaway.The decision was unanimous so Wes and Laura made the most of their privacy by enjoying a good snog under the covers.In an exclusive chat with The Sun Adam's friend Alex revealed that the personal trainer is hoping to use Love Island as a platform to boost his business.

She even enlists the legal help of attorney (née mayor) Mc Coy when Hiram initially shuts down her idea of a Sweetwater Casino.And to me, Hiram Lodge has the perfect motive for that.This kind of instability in the town makes it way easier to peddle his evil private prison plan.And then maybe, as Jughead has pointed out, there’s a copycat killer capitalizing on the Black Hood’s sensationalism by murdering people like Midge.Lili Reinhart, consistently one of the strongest actors on the show, especially when it comes to the drama, gives a compelling performance.Caroline Flack has presented Love Island since it returned to TV in 2015 and is joined once again by voice-over artist Iain Stirling.Kem Cetinay, the winner in 2017, is also back to host a daily spin-off podcast entitled The Morning After with TV presenter Arielle Free.The end of last episode nudged Betty — and us by proxy — toward thinking that Hal Cooper is the hooded killer, and that theory checks out pretty well. This week, Hal’s with Betty when the Black Hood shows up with a gun at town hall, which temporarily convinces her he could be innocent. In what’s easily the episode’s best storyline, cousin detectives Betty and Cheryl team up for some sleuthing and find…a lot of damning evidence against Hal, including the Nancy Drew book that the Black Hood used as a cypher earlier in the season.It's an opportunity for everyone to find somebody and also an opportunity to boost or start your career." Megan is also spicing up the villa, making no biggie about the fact she used to be a stripper - it seems she's down for a good fetish party too.In other news Laura's dad finally quashed the rumours that she's lying about her age and Eyal was spotted in a Zara Larsson music video from 2016.

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