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But ironically enough, that was also one of the issues that caused us to go our separate ways. He wasn’t a college graduate, and although he had a job, he wasn’t on his ideal career path. Still, he was bothered by it, especially since he was older than me and wanted to be further along.

I’ve always been a strong believer that we all have different journeys and paths, and my path isn’t necessarily the path others should take.

I am happy you are not intimidated by the men who insult and call you names for exposing their bad deeds. Sometimes, men who cause problems between their friends and their wives are just so unhappy with their lives that they want to make other people unhappy.

With that said, the last thing I wanted to do while playing the dating game is deal with the consequences of dating a man and his insecurities. After that experience, I vowed to never do it again.

Instead, I’m referring to the man who appears confident to the world, but deep down is dissatisfied with his place in life.

The man who can’t fully support your success because he hasn’t had enough of his own.

I was in a relationship with an angel, let’s call her Mary. Others party and rage, or try to prove themselves at work.

Now I don’t mean physically, because in my case this man was gorgeous.

Kate, I was a victim of my husband’s jealous friend.

He told my husband terrible things about me and almost destroyed our marriage. I was separated from my husband for two years because of his friend’s lies.

He may have started off as a great guy with a great aura, but I realized he had a lot of self-development to deal with, and that he needed to work on it alone.

Insecurities are something we all deal with, but we must deal with them internally.

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