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She owned a house in a quiet neighborhood, got along well with her ex-husband, and had a good job.Her family describes her as big-hearted and trusting.Patti's story really bothered me when I first saw it on Investigation Discovery, and at first I couldn't figure out why.But then I realized that it was the kind of thing that I too would have done when I was in my 20's, thinking it was exciting and perfectly reasonable.Both his story and his wife's story appear to have changed from what they initially told the police (for example, at first the man said he was home all week, then later he said he had gone fishing over the weekend).The man's name has not been released on any of the television coverage due to legal issues (although he has been identified online as Brian Flowers of Dola, OH).There are also reports that Patti was deeply in debt, that her life was in disarry, and she decided to disappear to escape her mounting problems and left her daughter with her sister because she knew her sister would provide a good home for the girl.

She has a tattoo of a flower in the middle of her back, pierced ears, and a pierced navel. Extensive ground, air, and water searches of the Maryville area have not turned up any evidence, and there has been no activity on Patti's bank accounts.

When you are in your 20's, you don't believe in your own mortality.

It also takes a while for the human brain to develop the ability to work through a situation and realize what the consequences of one's actions might be.

Odd behavior for a man going on a romantic getaway!

Patti's co-worker has been questioned a number of times by police.

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