Dating plastichrome postcards

The most popular form of eat-your-heart-out greeting was the large-letter postcard, which had been around since the first part of the 20th century but whose heyday was during what we know today as the linen-postcard era.

Made of textured paper rather than actual cloth, linen postcards were printed by companies such as Curt Teich & Company of Chicago, Tichnor Brothers and Colourpicture of Boston, E. Kropp of Milwaukee, Beals Litho & Printing of Des Moines, and Dexter Press of Pearl River, New York, among many others.

Curt Teich is in a class all its own, employing three distinct printing techniques—the five-color Colortones, which account for 90 percent of all Curt Teich large-letter postcards; four-color American Art cards printed from 1940 to 1955; and the five-color Photo-Colorit process, which was used on only five deckled-edge postcards printed between 19.

To date a Teich postcard, look for the number and letter preceding the card’s stock number on the lower-front of the card or running vertically in the center of its back.

Marisa was introduced to us as Maggie on The Cosby Show spin-off A Different World.

However, it wasn’t until 1992 that she broke out with a role in My Cousin Vinny.

In 1973, New Jersey's favorite son, Bruce Springsteen, used a linen Tichnor postcard (although with a more generic, and boring, background) for the cover of his first album, making it the most recognized large-letter postcard out there.

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/ Sunset at Pavilion Amusement Park at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina" including the Galaxi rid & Ferris wheel prominently, continental postcard with scalloped edges as issued; mailed 1978 to the Rieck family in Lakewood Ohio by relatives. - Madison Square Garden" linen multiview postcard with 2 scenes--The Rondevoo bar & the Pan American Room; unused linen postcard with good edges. ..." unused chrome-era postcard from a photo credited to Clyde Dillon, excellent condition. "7835 / The largest raw Sugar House in continental United / States. / 100 South Pennsylvania Avenue / Atlantic City's Finest Avenue" unused handcolored (and, hence, unique) Albertype postcard, lightly toned back. "LA MEJOR CARNE DEL MUNDO / LA CABAA - BUENOS AIRES" with signed art depicting its interior within an embossed border, unused post card, excellent condition & quite attractive. "'ITS ALL IN THE SHREDS' / SERIES 103 / THE HOME OF / SHREDDED WHEAT / NIAGARA FALLS, N. .50 nfswa"'THE HOME OF SHREDDED WHEAT', NIAGARA FALLS, N. "The largest concrete Span Bridge in the World, / Connecting Rocky River and Lakewood, Ohio" Braun-Chrome postcard made in the USA, mailed at Galion Ohio JUN 6 1913 (light CLEVE. .00 o(c)ds Greeting from / Salt Lake / The Pavilion, Saltair on Great Salt Lake / Interior of Pavilion, Saltair, on Great Salt Lake, largest dancing floor / in the world, easely(sic) accommodating 1000 couples" circa 1905 post card, much album toning, a lot of wear along the right front edge. 5.00 s(w)s(o)ds Largest Steam Locomotive in the World. BY THE ALBANY NEWS COMPANY" showing Erie engine & tender #2600, postcard mailed DEC 16 1909 at Schenectady to Mr. Entire message is interesting & pertinent: 'Just a sample of our work here. LINE GREAT SHIP 'SEEANDBEE"-- Daily between Cleveland and Buffalo, / Largest and most costly passenger steamer..." postcard mailed 1915 (but stamp removed), heavily toned back, edge wear WGAU / MOST MODERN 'LOCAL' STATION IN AMERICA / ATHENS, GEORGIA" postcard mailed to Mr. / He wants it now / He wants it bad, / And KANDI KUBES just make him glad" circa 1890 ad card of the Warren Candy Company of Warren Pennsylvania. "Cheese Haven / OHIO'S LARGEST CHEESE SHOP / On Route 163 - 4 Mi. Clinton, Ohio" unused chrome multiview postcard showing its long roadside storefront & an employee getting something from the smoke house; long internal crease is not too noticeable from the front. Gone, for example, are the days when Tenney could pick up large-letter postcards for a dime, and these days when Hilbert buys cards by the lot, as he still occasionally does, the chances that it’ll contain a rare gem are low.One of the articles that was included in yesterday's links roundup was io9's fun piece titled "Tall Tale Fishing Postcards, The Ultimate Humblebrag Of The Early 1900s." Here, to accompany that, is an exaggerated cartoon postcard that I came across recently.Many of these cards, printed in black & white and monotone had hand coloring added to only selective parts of the image possibly by airbrush.This firm later went on to produce photochromes." Meanwhile, the abundance and "paradise" of Long Island fishing today is not, of course, what it used to be.“Then I wanted to get one from each state,” he continues, “then I decided I wanted to get all the Curt Teich large-letters.” That put him on a course to collect the more than 1,000 linen large-letter postcards printed by Curt Teich.Hilbert eventually branched out to Tichnors and cards by other printers, as well as more arcane classes of large-letter postcards, from “folders” (an accordion-folded sheet, whose images on the postcards that make up each sheet can often be matched to the views within each of the large letters on a sheet’s cover) to minis (postcards that are only about 2 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide). Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in format for .75. This edifice was erected in 1693 to commemorate an appearance there by the Virgin Mary, so it is sometimes called Maria am Stein (Mary at the Stone). "WOOLWORTH / BUILDING / NEW YORK / 55 Stories -- 750 feet. White, / Oskaloosa, / Iowa" postcard mailed 1909, hint of toning on front does not detract. .00 cfsshowing the Catholic church in Carinthia Austria, color photochrom postcard mailed circa 1910 with an Austrian stamp, small corner crease, other edge wear minor, thin band of dark toning at top front, speckles of cancel ink in the sky, 2 small ink smears on back. C., 'America's Finest Strand' / 670 Miles south of New York, 735 Miles North of Miami 4B-H880" unused Curteich linen postcard, short pen mark in address area, tiny bends at upper corners. "SOUVENIR FROM GETTYSBURG -- AMERICA'S GREATEST SHRINE / 32 COPYRIGHT MARKEN & BIELFELD, INC." " showing the bronze table with the Gettysburg address text on the old Wills Building there, circa 1935 printing, unused linen post card, paper lightly & evenly yellowing with age. "Pecos High Bridge, Texas" showing the highest bridge in America along the Southern Pacific Railroad, being crossed by a long train; unused color post card, toned back, minor corner rounding. / SEE AMERICA'S LARGEST YEAR 'ROUND DISPLAY OF CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS" showing the store interior, unused chrome advertising post card store hours on back, small corner bend. Tamalpais, Cal., over crookedest road in the World" postcard mailed at San Francisco AUG 5 1905, small bottom corner crease, small upper corner bend. It is the largest circus wagon / ever built and was featured in every Barnum & Bailey street parade from 1902 to 1918." postcard mailed 1964, two corners creased (one is small) both into nothing important. RMS hand cancel) to Miss Bessie Mc Intosh in Zanesville Ohio (about her Aunt Jennie, in part), minor corner & edge wear. / LARGEST FERRY BOAT IN THE WORLD" with a fairly long train aboard ship once owned by the Central Pacific Railway Company (and also used by the Southern Pacific), postcard mailed 1915 from San Francisco (Balboa stamp tied by Expo cancel) to Miss Effie Garlough in Springfield Ohio, 2 long but inconspicuous horizontal internal creases, faint small bottom corner crease. Reynolds, numbered R-65225 on back, excellent condition. .00 c(g)sm"52:--Mahoning-Hull-Rust, Largest Open Pit Iron Mine in the World, Hibbing, Minn. / THE ILL-FATED WHITE STAR LINER 'TITANIC,' THE LARGEST SHIP IN THE WORLD, WHICH FOUNDERED / WITH A LOSS OF 1503 LIVES, 15th OF APRIL 1912, OFF NEWFOUNDLAND, ON HER MAIDEN VOYAGE." unused real photo postcard with crisp contrast & good depth-of field, from J. Ltd.; handwriting on back dates to July 3rd 1912; toned back, good edges, smudge of brownish toning at the upper right front. Taylor in Fort Recovery Ohio, minor corner wear, small paper adherence in the message area obscures nothing. / 'America's Sweetest Town'" unused chrome postcard copyrighted 1962, fairly fresh. Also sent some to the Santa Fe Road to get over the Rockies. "THE SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN BUILDING / OF THE COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY / (Rear View) / Williamsburg, Virginia" including his statue prominently, unused hand-colored Albertype post card, back paper yellowing evenly with age.

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