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If you’ll only be using your enamelware for display purposes, you can coat it with spray wax or clear lacquer.Always be sure that any enamelware used for food is unchipped - bacteria can grow in damaged spots.In 1960, Enamelware began to be manufactured again in the US.It is still produced today and is made around the world.

It was first available in catalogs and dry goods stores.Later, about the 1870s, colorfully decorated pieces, which became known variously as enamelware, graniteware, or agateware, became available.To make enamelware, a white paste was applied to the surface of the metal and then inserted into a white hot oven where the paste fused with the metal, creating a porcelain-like surface.A dishwasher should only be used if the pieces can be kept apart - you don’t want them to get banged up.Because water can lead to corrosion, make sure to dry the enamelware completely after it’s washed.Make sure to cover the handles and any tin lids before using it.If the inside of a pot has lime or mineral stains, boiling potatoes or one teaspoon of baking soda can help remove them.Enamelware was available in variety of patterns and colors.It gained popularity because it was lightweight, sturdy, and easy to clean.It’s always a good idea to wash the piece with soap and water after you’ve removed the stains.Washing enamelware by hand is best for routine cleaning.

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