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The final straw is when Wyatt puts his coat around his date when she says that she feels cold, while Jonesy ignores his date when she makes the same complaint.By the end of the date, the girls are interested in Wyatt and bored with Jonesy.Wyatt is working at spin this when Jonesy comes by and starts annoying him.Wyatt asks why his friend isn't at work, and Jonesy explains he's on a break before he starts checking out the girls hanging out at Spin This.Jonesy goes to work, and after some time, the girls come to the conclusion that Jonesy has actually worked out some of the aspects of his personality that make him offputting to girls.

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While Wyatt is unconvinced, soon the group is in the Gigantoplex getting ready to watch Monk of the Green Dragon.

He goes off, and with the props and a good line he comes up with, he gets the girl's number.

Unfortunately, as soon as he's done, he brags to his friends and gets caught; however, this is enough to convince him that he can beat Wyatt at his own game. There, he quickly worms his way into the conversation and begins schmoozing.

There, they grouse about being used but then realize that neither Britney nor Gina brought any money.

Upon realizing this, Jonesy and Wyatt decide to leave; after all, their "dates" deserve whatever comes to them as comeuppance.

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