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Ely Mound is a traditional mound, a manmade formation consisting of raised earth and stones over a grave site.Such burial mounds occur throughout the world; in Europe, especially, they are called tumuli, barrows, or kurgans.An apron of soil fill extends to the southeast, likely evidence of a ramp or series of steps ascending the southeast side of the mound.Although the mound is well known to local people and to professional archaeologists, and is readily visible from Highway 58 and identified by a , no looting has occurred at the site.Early in the 1870s Lucien Carr tested the mound, naming it after its owner, Robert Ely.

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If we don't have the relics you are looking for then let us know. We buy, sell, trade and authenticate affordable authentic ancient Indian arrowheads, Native Indian artifacts, tools and projectile points from all four prehistoric time periods. We also offer relics for sale in our inventory such as Clovis, Cumberland, Folsom, Dovetail, Lostlake, Benton, Beaverlake, Lances, Copena, Drills, Kirk, Adena, and Hopewell just to name a few.Subsequent excavations have not occurred at the site.Throughout much of the twentieth century the previous landowner refused to permit excavations in the mound or adjacent to it.There is a slight depression at the top of the mound that extends northwest to its edge, surface evidence of Carr's excavations during the nineteenth century.Ely Mound retains much of its nineteen-feet height.We sell and ship internationally and all buyers are welcome.All arrowheads, artifacts, and relics on this site ARE OWNED BY OUR CLIENTS and not by J & DEE ARTIFACTS.Although the men were quickly dug out, Johnson was severely bruised and Cheney was dead; the weight of the soil had broken his back or neck. Two days of steady digging extended the central shaft and trench down to sterile subsoil.For the sake of safely, the excavation's soil profiles were stepped up, opening a larger portion of the mound than had been originally intended, or approximately one-sixth of the mound.about three hundred feet in circumference at the base, and nineteen feet in height, as measured in the excavation or shaft, sunk through the centre.On the top there was a level space, oval in shape, the diameters being respectively about fifteen and forty feet.

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