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Citizens of Kenya can obtain a visa on arrival to Sierra Leone.

Citizens of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) do not require a visa to enter the country.From October to March, the weather is generally dry with many hot, sunny days. The rainfall increases to a peak in July and August and then decreases until rain has almost ceased by November.Coastal belt of mangrove swamps, wooded hill country, upland plateau, mountains in east.Tourist visas can easily be extended in Freetown (1 month, twice) for a variable fee (varying with citizenship), prices are on the wall, no "extra fees" and you will get a receipt.The international airport is at Lungi, the other side of the estuary from Freetown.Lowest point: Atlantic Ocean 0m Highest point: Loma Mansa (Bintimani) 1,948m Electricity is officially 220V, 50Hz. Supplies are unreliable, but improving - parts of Freetown do now get a reasonable supply.The Bumbuna Dam hydro-electric project is now operational (6 November 2009), which provides 50MW of electricity to the capital, which is supplemented by 26MW of thermal power generation.While the government sector still suffers from chronic shortage of resources, the private sector is booming.Before the Ebola outbreak, the potential for tourism was vast, but largely unrealised. It has some of the best beaches in the world, a rich colonial heritage, and some stunning scenery, but its greatest asset is its welcoming, friendly populace, most of whom will go out of their way to make a foreigner comfortable.Away from Freetown, mains electricity is only available in Bo and Kenema and comes and goes unpredictably.Makeni, Koidu and Lungi (airport) have new power stations under construction.

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