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Unlike other dating sites that focus on the universe of singles like a “big box” store, Fitness Singles understands the importance of personal fitness in your life and will help you find the fitness date to match your lifestyle.And compared with other fitness dating sites that have tried to emulate us, Fitness Singles remains the biggest and best.First, create a profile that tells the world about your favorite fitness activities, why you love to maintain an active lifestyle and what you’re looking for in your activity partners.Next, post some photos, especially ones that highlight your fitness passion.Whether you’re looking for a “fitness date,” exercise friends or a workout partner, Fitness Singles is a fun, private and secure environment to meet fit, athletic singles!You might be wondering why a fitness date is more fun than a typical activity like meeting for coffee.

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As you write your profile, don’t worry about making yourself sound like the next summer Olympics star — just be honest!

On the user-friendly site, Keshian said, their blog offers a variety of content that features the best places to go on a first date in Denver, a list of state parks to hike, waterfalls to visit and even a list that includes, "10 Reasons to Date an Outdoor Enthusiast."Though dating varies from person to person, Weaver and Keshian agree the culture of online dating is changing and producing more successful relationships now than ever before."I think it's the way to go," Keshian said.

"There are several statistics out there that claim 80 percent of relationships are generated through online sites in some way.

It opens up the next door for them, and it's easier knowing they can connect with someone who has the same interest."Currently available only in Colorado, was initially launched in September 2014, and the Website allows users to find matches based on their favorite activities and skill levels.

An avid skier himself, Keshian said the site will offer the option to find someone with similar skiing abilities or who enjoys the same runs or ski mountains.

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