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Only 4 of the 8 Fm were fit, 2 of them working men and 2 PC’s, 2/3rds of the hose was out for repair and the appliances were in poor repair. Appliances: 1 Manual, 1 Steamer, Hose Carriage, 1 escape 1894 Oct - Brigade was re-organised under the Watch Committee [WC], Chief Constable James Wood titular CO with a mix of police officers and civilians as firemen.

1896 - A Shand Mason 45’ escape was purchased 1910 - The Brigade was again re-organised due to the Chairman of the WC finding it to be ‘inferior to others of similar size’, it now became fully a Police FB with day duty police doing night duty as part time firemen, Sgt in charge HD Steamer, HD Hose carriage, 45’ escape.

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1917 - The Supt’s post, up to now a Sergeant, became an Inspector.The service has memorabilia, machines and equipment from generations of firefighting and one of the largest photographic archives of any UK fire and rescue service including more than 80,000 digitised files and pictures. more about the Heritage Centre The Heritage Centre is open to the Public Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 15.00.It is essential that visits are pre-booked, preferably by telephone or email.Helens great from its humble beginnings to its rise a world leader in Glass making. Helens isn’t only Glass, there was a thriving coal community.Plus you can find out what the connection is between a cold remedy and classical music.A new 2-bay station opened in the new Town Hall, with an entry on Parade St, horses supplied from the adjoining livery stables, now 3 full time firemen with the Supt living next to the station.Aug 08 Mon - Supt Barrett of the West of England Fire Brigade in Liverpool, drilled the St Helens Fire Brigade and found the men ‘perfectly competent for their duties as firemen’.It a way for you to meet other genuine singles of the right calibre that has proved very successful for so many of our clients to date.Here are just one of our successful introductions with Merseyside couples.1893 Mar 07 Tue - In connection with the re-organisation of the St Helens Fire Brigade, the Corporation Water Committee acting on the suggestion of the Fire Brigade sub-committee decided to recommend the Council appoint Mr Rutherford, a senior fireman of the Bootle Brigade, as Superintendent.June 14 Wed - At a meeting of the Water Committee under Alderman Gamble, Supt Rutherford recommended the Brigade needed to be re-organised.

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