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Tout au long de cet examen, Franceinfo, avec la participation de Francetv éducation, accompagne les lycéens afin de les mettre dans les meilleures conditions.

Retrouvez ici toute les informations pratiques (date, dossiers d'actualité, cours en ligne pour réviser) et toute l'actualité sur l'événement, traitée au travers d'articles, de vidéos, de reportages et d'interviews de lycéens, parents ou professeurs.

The ceremony perhaps takes on a bigger meaning than the sentiment. It is the hallmark of Christian culture: Doing Things and Avoiding True Relationship. While the pastor talks at length about this priceless gift she will give her husband, the wedding guests fight to get the vagina visual out of their minds. It's easier to make a ceremony out of it and focus on the symbols.

(And nobody talks about this aspect, but it's sort of gross that a dad would attend a public event on behalf of his daughter's cooch. Hymen Bride's parents beam with pride at their daughter's alleged morality. Has she entered a struggle to get there and has she wrestled with God thereby entered into true relationship, or has she played it safe and stuck to the churchy rules so she can feel happy with herself because of this good work she's accomplished?

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It's sort of a public statement of virginity and also reminds her of the commitment she made to "remain pure" until marriage.

The father's involvement is an interesting factor in the purity quest. objective and scientific) community acknowledges that a father's presence has a profound effect on the sexuality of both their sons and their daughters.

Both boys and girls innately look to their father for the basic formation of their sense of self worth and if he isn't emotionally attentive then girls will get male attention somewhere else. Purity vows and purity balls that require fatherly involvement are indirectly addressing this psychological fact.

Nobody really talks about how much time he is actually emotionally present for her, which is the crux of the entire thing.

His involvement with her and protection for her are an allegory for how God loves and watches over her but this is barely implied, much less outright discussed and emphasized.

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