Dating without being friends first dating scuba divers

What are the benefits you've reaped in the long run?

Do you think that friendship is necessary for a solid romantic relationship?

It was easier for us to make a wise decision on whether or not we should date.

Getting to know a guy as a friend and not as a romantic interest will either spare you from heartbreak or clarify and confirm that he is the right guy for you. If you see red flags while you are just friends, it's easier to make the decision not to pursue a romantic relationship instead of having to do so when you're already romantically involved with him.

You may be tempted to skip the friendship stage altogether because you want to get to the romance and intimacy, but it's key to a long-lasting healthy romantic relationship.

It'll also help you to make healthy decisions about who you date.

Everyone acts and speaks differently when they're in a relationship, but for the most part, personality and character shouldn't change drastically if you've got to know them as a friend.

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Friendship is the foundation of a healthy romantic relationship.When you're pursuing a friendship, there's really no need to impress anyone because, as serious as it is, it's a lot more casual than if the two of you have a romantic relationship. If there's one thing I can tell you about relationships, it's this: friendship will get you through the rough times.If you see that he only treats you like a queen, tread carefully because there's a lot to be said about anyone who is estranged from family or is hostile towards others. There's a strength that comes from having a strong friendship with your boyfriend, and it will help the two of you to overcome whatever struggles or ruts may come your way.I recall a previous relationship with a guy whom I shouldn't have been pursued romantically because our friendship was weak and there were red flags that I didn't take the time to consider before going out on a date.You don't have to learn this the hard way like I did.As we were friends before we started dating, my boyfriend and I knew the basics of what we disliked and what our quirks were.Since we’ve started dating, I haven't been surprised by his character or personality because I discovered that when we were just friends.My boyfriend and I have been long-distance from Day 1, and we pursued a friendship through a lot of communication on a daily basis.We were getting to know each other, and there wasn't a hint of romance during that stage of our relationship.It can also be a really accurate indicator of whether or not a relationship can—or should—make it to the next level.When you're friends with your romantic interest, there's a level of objectivity that isn't present when the friendship stage is skipped.

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