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    Disclaimer: The first thing I must admit is, I have not the slightest clue as to what laws if any there may be in Saudi Arabia that would prohibit you from taking action, action that I’ll get to later…There might be laws that strictly prohibit you from approaching a girl in a coffee shop or something of the sort. To the fields of greener pastures, uh hum or should I say “pinker” pastures? Bonus Pro Tip: Start now by making effort to exchange the scarcity mindset, I mentioned above, for what will prove to be most important change to date, abundance mindset. I want you to say this with me…“I am a man with options”“I am a man women want to sleep with”“I am a confident in demand man”Sound stupid? Does wearing a weight belt with plates strapped to your waist while doing pull ups in the gym look stupid? A ripped back, strapped with sheets of irresistible labia-busting, girl-getting, attention grabbing, muscle. Put in the work…Begin to adopt this frame of mind and tell me, the way you view yourself, and later act doesn’t change.