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What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” Not only does color have a language of its own, but there is a complex relationship between that language and aspects of a person’s personality.

The kaleidoscope of colors we choose to wear on a date can be effectively used to transmit various parts of our personalities.

A blog reader emailed to ask about clarification on the issue of “alpha male” in relationships in my previous blog post (if you have missed it, click here).

I have just started dating again, and boy it’s quite a steep learning curve for me. Well, most guys tend to struggle when it comes to the affairs of the heart, and I am not an exception for sure!

I did a quick Google and already found lots of websites which deal with relationships – notably the Fractionation website ( Seduction Chronicle and also Fast Seduction. I have learned lots about dating, love and relationships from these websites.Many people are not aware of the profound effects that color can have not only on your level of comfort but on the messages one portrays to others.In describing the effects that particular colors create in our lives, the French painter Paul Gauguin stated, “Color!You are perfectly coiffed from a black pinstripe designer suit down to a stylish French manicure.The plan for the morning is to review your notes for the meeting in order to gain complete composure.I got really confused when somebody emailed to ask me if I knew the “loopholes in female psychology” – and admittedly I got really baffled by the term itself.The fact that there are men who would “hack” into a female’s mind in order to make her feel attracted is simply mind blowing to me (pardon the pun).It is pretty effective – women like men who know music, and know how to play a music instrument. Finally, learning conversational skills is very important when it comes to knowing how to build rapport with women.Many guys have problems talking to women – they simply run out of interesting topics to talk about.To enhance her mystery and keep a man guessing just a bit, a woman can slowly reveal her feelings by the color palette she chooses.So let’s attempt a bit of fashion therapy that can take you from stylish to sassy, edgy and alluring in short order.

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