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I have never once been in a situation where I have felt like I was going to be assaulted in Thailand.

I guess they have the perception that Thailand is maybe not the safest place to be right now - but is that really true?Three years ago when I moved here I didn't think too much about safety other than about the usual potential pickpockets and petty crime that you could find in any city.I didn't do much research about safety and there weren't as many high profile incidents as there have been in the last three years.So the army coming in and not having to deal with "Shutdown Bangkok" and the like is fine with me.I appreciate the argument of free speech and the rights of people but as an English teacher here it really doesn't make any difference to your daily life.I would say that a lot of foreigners aren't used to living in high rise buildings and after a few drinks it is possible for accidents to happen.I also believe that a lot of the deaths of older people are genuine suicides and indeed notes are often found with people saying what they are about to do.To be honest my daily life hasn't changed in the last 2 years since the army took over.I am not allowed to join a political protest or like any political photos on Facebook - hardly activities I would like to do anyway.There is plenty of work all over Thailand and many great provinces to live in which cater for every need.Next we have families being attacked, and in general foreigners being attacked in Thailand.

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