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And at the present time it is quite common for a woman to look for an older man in order to have some financial benefit.

So it is fair enough if a woman sacrifices her beauty, youth and moral principles, a man in his turn should give her extensive financial support so that she does not feel insulted and cheated in a role of a secret lover.

Right at the beginning try to give your lover to understand that your family life is not her business.

Never complain about your wife and do not discuss your family problems with your lover.

In order to keep it secret you should not forget about very simple tricks.

Never forget to delete emails, text messages or any other traces of your betrayal.

Routine domestic chores will wipe out romance from secret dating.

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It is a golden rule for every man who has a family.

In conclusion, whatever the reason men risk to have secret dating, they should remember that interest for something new passes very quickly and in 90% they will return to their routine family life.

So it is necessary to think about confidential issues very carefully and to save the feelings of the closest people.

She might think that your marriage is within an inch of destruction. It often happens that everything goes wrong and breaks down. When you come to your lover’s flat and see a broken table or malfunctioning computer you might feel a desire to fix these faults.

But be careful – you are not a repairman, you are her macho! You have appeared in her life to give her vicious pleasure and love.

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