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Here's the code at that line number : I'm running ubuntu ( 9.04 I think ) and using for dynamic dns. [email protected]:/var/cache/ddclient# ddclient Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /usr/sbin/ddclient line 1973.

Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /usr/sbin/ddclient line 1973.

I'm using "ddclient" but it force update runs too often sometimes every few days and it suppose to run every 25 days. $cache : ' Which is saying that if the cache mtime is more than max-interval days ago it forces the update, but in your case it is saying that mtime is from 2010-11-17.

[email protected]:/var/cache/ddclient#Thank you for thinking about this. Here's the ddclient.cache file: ## ddclient-3.7.3 ## last updated at Mon Mar 8 2010 (1268094782) atime=1268094782,host=XXXXXXXXX.info,ip=XX. It corresponds to the "undefined" error that gets printed 8 times.When I run ddclient with an existing ddclient.cache file I get errors saying "uninitialized value" and the remote IP address does not get updated. If I delete the cache file then things work fine and the IP address *does* get updated (if need be).I happen to be running version 3.7.3 of ddclient but I've tried this with ddclient 3.8.0 and the result is exactly the same except that the line number in the error changes to line 2030.The only modifications I’ve made to ddclient itself is to Windows™-ify it a bit more (when running as a service, it stores the ddclient.cache and logfiles in the local application data folder) This should hopefully save you the trouble of installing and configuring perl / ddclient on each Windows machine that you wish to perform DNS updates for.post: A lightning had struck nearby and killed the power at around UTC.The line of code that I posted also happens to be line 2030 in ddclient version 3.8.0. Lines of enquiry include, mx setting in config, current ip address not being picked up and other possibilities.If I run ddclient 3.8.0, I get the same error printed 8 times except that the line number changes from 1973 to 2030. Also could you run : False alarm: I was testing by changing the value stored by for my DNS entry and then running ddclient to see if the value would switch back to the correct value. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.Then the *next* time I run ddclient, the warnings come back but at that point, the ip address for my DNS entry is set correctly.The warnings are a little alarming but apparently harmless (?? Sorry to waste your time and thanks again for looking at this.

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