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When i click on menu item that custom control should appear in Place Holder control.Since that is basically login control, it should log an user when that user enters username and password.I have a page with:- a dropdownlist- an object datasource - an updatepanel containing a Janus Grid Ex control The grid is bound to the datasource. Now I want to fire an Initialize Row event of Gridview on the page.The updatepanel has one trigger: the dropdownlist selected Index Changed event. Any suggestion or ideas how to implement this event? (Please post code ) Please Mark As Answer posts that helped you."If we learn from our mistakes, I should be brilliant by now." check that the button's on Click event in the event properties window actually has the name of the method you are using as the click event handler Micky BIntranet Developer...I also dynamically create the Update Parameters when the user clicks an Update button.

I programmatically added custom control to Place Holder which is in an Update Panel.

Why doesn't it remember that it was in edit mode during the update postback? I also tried manually specifying an On Item Updating value as you described but it still does not fire. This works except that this code sits within a user control that is actually loaded as part of the postback to the parent page, so Page.

Is Post Back is always true when the Init for the Details View is called.

The standard Command Field column control has been used in Details View to provide Edit - Update/Cancel buttons and that all wo...

Selecting event fires before control event Hi, My problem is as follows. Selected Value; Now the problem is that Selected Value still contains the previous value, i think because the datasource loads it's data before the control is updated. How to fire Initialize row event of Grid view which is present in User control Hello All I have created a user control in which I have a gridview control.

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