Developing and updating local formularies

Spending on medications increased 5.2% in 2015 due to rising drug price inflation and premium-priced therapies for large patient populations.An effective formulary strategy, used in concert with other cost mitigation programs, can yield significant savings for plan sponsors and patients, while still preserving access to medication.Therapeutic Assessment Committee (TAC): Express Scripts’ internal clinical review body consisting of clinical pharmacists and physicians, who review specific medications following FDA approval using medical literature and published clinical trial data.Value Assessment Committee (VAC): This committee considers the value of drugs by evaluating the net cost, market share, and drug utilization trends of clinically similar medications.

The app will be used by healthcare professionals in consultations with service users where web access is not readily available.

Non-drug treatments can be used alone or in combination with medication depending on your diagnosis.

These may include: Mental health formulary The Drug and Therapeutic Subcommittee, in consultation with clinicians, have developed and published a formulary of medicines used in mental health conditions.

It’s worth remembering that: Of course, whilst medication definitely helps it may not be the whole solution.

Relieving some symptoms with medication can make it easier for other kinds of help to work.

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