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Currently Aaju has a home-based sealskin garment business, translates, volunteers for the music society, collects traditional law from elders for the Department of Justice, and raises her five children—just recently, she graduated from Akitsiraq Law School and was called to the bar.

These days Aaju is advocating for Inuit rights to seal and sealskin products as well as the Inuit right to be involved in issues related to Arctic waters.

Every time they try to leave they always end up back at the wreck.

I seem to remember too that they were very fastidious about where they left their equipment.

STAGE AND SCREENI am trying to name a film but no movie databases has the answer.

A plane has crashed and the cast of the film turn out to be ghosts who 'disappear' as their bodies are recovered.

The plane was an American bomber which crashed in the desert.

I am afraid I can't help with the title, but I can assure you that it is not your imagination (unless we are both crazy!) One person did suggest that it may have been a "Twilight Zone" episode, but I remember it as a feature length film.I think, although it was set in WWII, it was made in the late 60s or early 70s.It sounds like you're talking about "Sole Survivor", which was made in the seventies.The ghosts are the crew of an American B-17, which crashed in the Libyan desert during WW2.The plot for The Survivor was that one man survives a plane crash (I think totally unharmed) and in his struggle to come to terms with this uncovers the fact that the plane was sabotaged/blown up. He is a manifestation of the will of all the lost souls and as soon as the truth is reveals he dies. That was a different story where a survivor of a crash became a highranking officer who had wrongly claimed that his plane had gone down in the Mediterranean.The film (definitely not a twilight Zone story) was set in the desert and consisted of the dead crew of the crashed aircraft not knowing they were dead until their colleagues suddenly began disappearing as their bodies were found.this intriguing film is called "Sole Survivor", and was a TV movie made in 1970, directed by Paul Stanley and starring William Shatner.This film had "haunted" me for years until I finally tracked the title down after many, many lengthy internet searches.Not a great movie, but intriguing enough to have stuck in my mind this past thirty years.I think the film you're thinking of is "Sole Survivor".

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