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As far back as there were organisms who were able to consume food containing both ordinary carbon and an isotope of carbon; the comparison of the ratios - which pinpoints the time when an organism stopped eating - gives rise to carbon most positive answer to this question is that i do not thinkhybrid cars emit radiation. They emit the same radiation any other car does: IR when the engineis running, visible light when the headlights are on, RF if you areusing your CB radio, etc.basically, both of them involve sexually transmitted deseases that occur when a woman squirts hardcore over a guys penis and the carbon inside is penis gets escalted. Every object is conceived with a certain amount of carbon 14 in them.

Carbon dating is related to the quantity of carbon 14 in an object.

By undergoingradioactive decay it can shed this excess energy and relax to amore stable state.

Some atoms must undergo multiple decay processesbefore their nucleus arrives at the stable ground state.

All life forms have a set ratio of carbon to other substances in their bodies and by seeing how much this carbon has depleted they can see how many years have gone by since death (the...

Answer 1 Radioisotopes The major element in anything living or dead is Carbon, C.

A lot of lab-created elements break down secondsafter they're created, which is why there aren't a million elementsin the table yet. Carbon-dating can not be used to prove the age of the earth, so it can not be used either to prove a "young earth" nor to support the scientific age of the earth.

One experiment with phosphorescence went as such: Wrap a Lumiere photographic plate with a bromide... This occurs in nuclei with a significant excess of neutrons toprotons.After death, this carbon 14 starts to leave the body in question.Hense, if a sycamore tree is created with 40,000 carbon 14 atoms and loose 48 a year, after a... Carbon dating tells how long ago something died (more specifically, when it stopped absorbing carbon).Radioactive decay occurs so that nuclei can gain greater stability. Things that were never alive or are more than ~70,000 years old have to be dated by analyzing for other isotopes or isoptopic ratios.Alpha or beta particles or gamma rays are emitted so that the resulting nuclei have greater binding energy per nucleon, which means greater stablility. The scientists used carbon dating and decided that the mummy was 10,000 years old. Carbon dating is not perfect, but it can give you a rough idea. I started to explain carbon dating in more detail, but I...Carbonusually exists as the isotope C12 meaning that it has 6 protons and6 neutrons in its nucleus.However, a small percentage of all Cexists as the radioactive C14 isotope.There are many different types of possible nuclear decays: . Beta-minus decay (converting neutrons to protons, releasing electrons) . A dirty bomb is an explosive device designed to eject or spray radioactive material over a small area.It does not produce mass amounts of fallout compared to a traditional nuclear device, since there is no fission involved.Beta - decay result in an increase of atomic number by one, with no resulting change in the atomic mass number.There is a change in mass, since an electron and an electron anti-neutrino is emitted, and also because the neutron changes into a proton, but the atomic mass number , per se, does..main types are alpha decay in which an alpha particle (made of 2 protons and 2 neutrons) is emitted, beta decay (the emission of a beta particle such as an electron), and gamma decay in which a high-energy gamma photon is emitted Everything has what is called a half-life, it is the time in which a substance, such as carbon halves in quantity.

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