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Furthermore, the plodding pacing, with its focus on visuals over a more philosophical debate on the topic, diminishes the potential for a truly inspirational analyzation.Few breakthroughs or eye-opening viewpoints are scrutinized, succumbing instead to generally trivial blurbs of individual ideals on achievement and emancipation from the entry-level employment rat race.Yet this predicament is only touched upon by a single model, with just a couple of sentences."You have to have a lot of self confidence." Obviously, online sex shows are still a taboo topic.The girls here attribute this to a lack of communication and education about sex in general.The entertainment value, a knowledge of the audience, and an understanding of the product are crucial components of the business.Most of the girls wish to fill a niche to avoid dullness; apparently, boring sex scenarios are of less value.The women on film insist that they're real, normal, intelligent, empowered, and certainly not exploited.They're rendering services, creating a fantasy, and getting paid.

One in particular involves elaborate costumes and creepy ventriloquist puppet interactions.

Nudity is almost always a factor – though the girlfriend/companionship-only angle supposedly makes up a percentage of the girls' incomes.

The clientele is mostly too shy to type a response on their computers, although more adventurous users type requests and transmissions and interact as if they're involved in a substantive relationship.

It begins with a woman in a sexualized mime getup, acting out a striptease to a webcam, as if to show a double-layered piece of erotica – one for provoking a question of symbolization and one for simple visual stimulation.

In many ways, the documentary as a whole serves a correspondingly dual purpose.

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