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Installation takes about an hour or so to complete for most modern Macs, but it can take a bit longer depending on the speed of the Mac and other factors.Keeping software up to date is one of the top maintenance tips for Macs, but sometimes those Software Update notifications can be just plain annoying.Another approach for those hesitant to jump ship to a new system software update is to wait for the first point release, in this case, OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan.That point release update is already in beta, and will likely be finalized over the coming weeks/months as various bugs are patched and refinements are made to OS X 10.11.Even if problems are relatively unlikely, don’t update OS X without making a backup of your stuff first. This is arguably the single most important preparation for installing a system software update, so don’t skip it! If you’ve confirmed your Mac is compatible, you’ve updated your apps, and you’ve backed up, and you know you want to run the latest release of Mac system software, then go ahead and click here to download and install OS X El Capitan, and enjoy!Installation is very easy, it’s just a matter of downloading the update from the Mac App Store, pointing where to install (usually Macintosh HD), and letting it run.

If the Mac is running OS X Mavericks, OS X Mountain Lion, or even Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you’ve got a tougher decision to make, mostly because you likely stayed on one of those earlier releases for a reason.

And what about waiting for the first point release?

The answer to this likely depends on a variety of factors, including what version of OS X is currently on the Mac.

If you’re currently running OS X Yosemite then updating to OS X EL Capitan is probably a good idea, in the same way that updating from OS X Lion to OS X Mountain Lion was a good idea and offered improvements.

OS X El Captain is a revisional system update, meaning it aims to improve the OS experience rather than add on a bunch of new crazy features (though there absolutely are new features), and in that sense, El Capitan is quite effective.

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