Domino error updating key ring file

I am using i Keyman for Sametime/Connections and the tools provided by Domino all the time, but this is explicitly to describe the process of using already bought wildcard certificates used by other parts of your organisation and extending the use of them to also include Domino servers, instead of having to request a new wildcard certificate just for Domino and paying the certificate authority one more time.Of course you must follow the agreement made on how many servers you can use the certificate for, but still it gives you the option of not paying more than one time and include your Domino servers in the same package. opendocument&comments and the comments as well as discussion on notesnet An exported P12/PFX file from in my case IIS, containing the wildcard certificate private key as well as the certification path to it, more on this later on.Of course this example is based on a particular situation with a special certificate provider but can hopefully be translated to any other situation with other certificate authorities. Examine the newly imported certificate in Internet Explorer under Content Certificates.. View this key information to make sure that it is looking good.Because of the nature of this instruction a PDF file will be provided to use as a checklist. Export root and any intermediate certificates to file 4. One instance of a 32 bit Windows operating system, I used 32 bit Windows XP running on my laptop with VMware 10. Personal View the certificate and each certificate in the path and write down the labels to easily find them under Intermediate… later as well as using them inside i Keyman when labelling them. Check your file and add sth file to enable it for Domino use 1.

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Daily monitoring of various agents running on application databases, ran database maintanance on corrupt databases to resolve issue of failed agents, created Change Requests, Resolved Incidents and Problems in Remotely upgraded a few Domino Servers from 8.5.3 to 9.0.1 and Incremental Installs to 9.0.1FP3.

Open Document provided me with information to start with. This should be unzipped inside your XP virtual machine. Import your P12/PFX file into your browser This should contain private key as well as all certificates in the certification path if possible.

The objective of this article is to provide an example on how to do this with hopefully no discussions and no questions unanswered. Open the file with Crypto Shell Extensions and Import into your browser, to import you need a password provided by the administrator that exported the file. Add Signer Certificates from the earlier exported Trusted Root and any Intermediate in this order starting with the top meaning trusted Root first and then Intermediate. Import Personal Certificates using the first provided P12/PFX file 7.

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